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The first step to prepare your property for your new metal structure is to check with your local, city and state requirements and regulations for adding a new building to your property. Our sales representatives aren’t familiar with all local regulations, so it’s important that you check and receive all licenses required to add onto your property. 

While we build buildings on many types of surfaces (gravel, asphalt, docks, dirt, etc.), a concrete pad is preferred for any new metal building installation. There are several questions that you may have about the concrete pad to ensure that your property is ready for installation before that date comes. 

  1. Does R&B pour the concrete? 
    No. We can answer any questions your contractor may have, but we do not pour the concrete.

  2. What size does the concrete pad need to be? 
    The size of the concrete pad is determined by the length of the roof. You’ll need to pour the concrete pad to 1 foot shorter than the roof length (i.e., You’ve ordered an 18’W x 21’L building, with the roof length being 21 feet. You’ll want to pour the concrete pad to 18’W x 20’L. There is a 6 inch overhang on each end, which makes the roof 21 feet long).

  3. How thick should the concrete pad be? 
    In general, the concrete pad should be at least 4 inches thick. However, you’ll want to verify this thickness with your local codes to be sure.

  4. Do you provide concrete anchors? 
    Yes. We use 5.5 inches concrete expansion bolts to secure your metal building to the concrete pad, and these are included in the price of the building. On our standard buildings, the concrete anchors are placed every 10 feet. Our certified buildings require that the anchors are placed at every post. We offer extra concrete anchors for purchase if needed.

  5. Will I need concrete footers? If so, what size should they be? 
    Yes, you will. In general, the concrete footers on your building should be 12 inches minimum. However, you’ll want to be sure to check your local codes to ensure you have the right size before installation.

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